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To make Burke County a thriving community, where we can raise our kids, get good jobs and lead good lives it is up to us to make it the best it can be.  In order to continue to make this happen what we need IS YOU!

Your United Way isn’t just helpful to communities, its crucial!  When it comes to the financial stability, education and health of our neighborhood, United Way doesn’t just donate or make quick fixes, we work together to figure out what our community needs to make real change.

Thank you to those who have been doing so much to give, volunteer and speak up for this important work!  Great things can happen when we LIVE UNITED.

Programs funded for 2014-15 (Burke County United Way’s fiscal year is July to June) are:

Education is a cornerstone to success in school, work or life. United Way is funding programs that mentor and train so that students stay on track to graduation and our work force is ready for employment.

Fresh Start-Work Force Ready-The Outreach Center

Adult Literacy-Burke Literacy Council

Youth Mentoring-Big Brothers Big Sisters

Leadership Mentoring-Boy Scouts

Rape & Sexual Assault training-Options, Inc.

Homeless Shelter Literacy Assessments-The Meeting Place

BSAN-Agency network on substance abuse

SKIP-Student Education & Counseling

Burke Council on Alcoholism & Chemical Dependency

…3,844 SERVED through your contributions

Good Health is an essential ingredient for individual success and a thriving community. United Way supports:

Just Girls, Intervention-REPAY

Child Therapy-Options, Inc.

Clinic & Pharmacy-The Good Samaritan Clinic

HIV testing & Education-ALFA

Residential Recovery- Burke Council on Alcoholism & Chemical Dependency

…7,204 SERVED through your contributions

Family Income/Crisis Assistance is a necessity in stabilizing a community and allowing it to grow into a strong and vital place to live and work.

Food Assistance-The Outreach Center

Disaster Assistance-American Red Cross

Home Repair-Foothills Service Project

Travel Assistance-REACT

Transitional & Emergency Housing-The Meeting Place

Food & Utilities Assistance-East Burke Christian Ministries

Domestic Violence Shelter & Court Advocacy-Options, Inc.

…4,289 SERVED through your contributions

Campaign designated funds ($14,598) provided funding to non-partner agencies of Burke & Surrounding Counties.


Burke Hospice & Palliative Care

Burke United Christian Ministries

Christ Centered Recovery Program

Child Advocacy Center

South Mountain Children & Family Services

20 Community Agencies & United Way agencies in surrounding counties   

Outside of the annual spring allocation funding Burke County United Way was able to award an additional $55,000.

Toast of the Town an annual event, beneficiaries are:

  • Options Child Therapy Program
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Strategic Alliance for Burke Youth (SABY)

Health Impact Grant, awarded to Early Head Start for their Healthy Habits Initiative, teaching the value of healthy cooking, eating and exercising as a family.

“Hands On” Twice a year the staff and volunteers with Burke County United Way get to do some “Hands On” work that is outside of the fundraising realm.

In late summer a partnership with Walmart and The Outreach Center culminates in a “Back to School Bash” for some 1,000 students. The Build A Backpack campaign supplies 1,000 students with new backpacks filled with school supplies. Walmart associates work hard for a month cajoling customers to donate various supplies, United Way asks donors and companies to sponsor backpacks and The Outreach Center pulls the party together. Hot dogs, drinks, snow cones and blow ups all greet the students as they pick up their bags….it’s a great day!

December ends the year but it also brings to the United Way office…Christmas! Through the partnership with the local marine’s Toys for Tots project United Way distributes toys for over 400 children. Staff and volunteers set up a toy shop and toys for each child are carefully picked…we enjoy being Santa’s elves.


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